17 Nov 2009 What my film is about Malaysia's history is closely tied to Indonesia. They share similar cultural lineages and familial roots. Many hundred years ago, a prince who hailed from Sumatra came to the Malay Peninsular and founded the kingdom of Malacca. It was an important trading seaport that established harmonious relations with the neighboring countries. Or at least they managed to tolerate each other for a long time, until now. A bread seller had said: "friends can be brothers, but brothers can't always be friends." Fast forward. Indonesia... A few months ago... Thursday (because people get impatient on Thursdays)... A vigilante group is formed. The people in the group are fueled by nationalistic anger. They have an invasion plan and they have a date. They have a war declaration, approximately 4 pages. On their D-day, they will avenge all the wrongs committed by Malaysia against Indonesia. Major Malaysian sins: stealing Indonesian heritage, claiming Islands belonging to the Indonesians, abusing Indonesian workers. They are very angry. There are six of them.
An army of six, that sounds interesting. If all wars would be fought by armies of 6 people, the world would look quite different...
By: FrancoisKlog | friday 22 january 2010 23:48
Best wishes for the new year and your movie :)
By: Tine | saturday 02 january 2010 14:35
You have my support! Good luck!
By: Vinc Vincvinc | thursday 17 december 2009 15:21
Hi Yuhang, sounds like a very interesting project... I hope your film will be realised!
By: lcoolb | wednesday 02 december 2009 20:53
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