22 Nov 2010 The beginning so, we're starting to shoot Random Strangers..
it's been a crazy time, taking decisions about music.. what format to shoot on, etc, etc.. i also like not deciding too many things in advance and just finding them in the process of filming. this time i can do that more than ever because we're shooting with just a couple of friends in my flat and my friend's flats so it's all going to be quite free flow, low key and experimental. that's the general feeling. this is a little experiment in a way very similar to the spirit of when i shot my first feature film. it all became clear in my head the moment i chose the music for the film. my friend roi wrote a really cool song that rocky will sing at the opening scene of the film. somehow that song made me visualize the whole film. music is always a good place to find inspiration. i've also been quite lucky with the cast. after trying an actor that i really like but couldn't make it for these dates, i came to the conclusion that my german flatmate in amsterdam, samy, should play rocky. it couldn't be better, not only he's a really good actor, but he also plays music, sings and writes songs himself just like rocky. he came up with a few nice songs for the film that are quite fun and today we shot a scene were he was rehearsing with his band. the rest of band are all film directors that are doing the binger writer's lab with me. they really rock. lulu on the other hand is played by ines efron who was in my film Glue and i'm really excited about working with here again. now we decided that lulu won't be mexican, she's argentinean.. even though ines is half mexican.. she arrived a couple of days ago and we've been rehearsing with her and samy and shot some little dance videos that lulu makes, with a song called 'we wear masks' by flor braier and robin todd.. i must say ines is my favorite dancer. the best person to have on the dance floor in every good party..
ok, now i have to go to sleep because i have a film crew ringing my bell at 8 am tomorrow and i'm not the kind of person who's used to get up so early : )
good night..
thank you everyone for your support !!!! i think the film is looking good so far......... xx
By: alexis | thursday 30 december 2010 03:27
good luck with your film project. Looking forward to seeing it! :)
By: Kim Cascone | wednesday 29 december 2010 21:26
Hi Alexis, hope you will be able to finish your film. It sounds great and so far it looks very good. Proud to support U !
By: Monique in het Veld | thursday 23 december 2010 11:08
Did it, with 10 coins in total I proof your film is my favorite project Alexis:)
By: Anne-Marie Ros | tuesday 21 december 2010 21:30
Try to add 5 extra coins to Random Strangers, those fell free when Pipilotti resigned from the program. Hope to manage it before the 31st.
By: Anne-Marie Ros | tuesday 21 december 2010 21:28
I just watched Glue on netflix recently and loved it. So happy Ines will be playing Lu-Lu.

Good luck on the shoot! Can't wait to see more behind-the-scenes footage.
By: Charles | thursday 02 december 2010 04:32
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