08 Sep 2010 Random Strangers It's always strange with film titles.. Some projects start with a title before you even have a story and you don't even know why you want this title, but somehow it ends up being what inspires the story. Some films find their title as the story is taking shape, then, all of a sudden something crystallizes in the story just because you've found a name that makes total sense - that was what happened to me with both "Glue" and "Unmade Beds". Some projects keep changing titles over and over again until the last minute before their actual release.

I think I finally found the title for this film. "Random Strangers" feels like the right name for the film considering the random way Lulu and Rocky happen to meet online - the whole concept of chatroulette is to 'connect random strangers' - plus I think it will become more poignant once you watch the film. As you get into the characters and share with them how close they become to each other despite the geographical distance... It'd be great to hear what my co-producers think!

And about the video I just posted last week introducing Lulu!

Ps. For those in Amsterdam... I just moved here three days ago and will stay for a few months. Do give me a shout if you know about a good band playing or a good party to go : ) find me on facebook..
I think it's a beautiful title but what I like even more is that you will be working with Ines Efron again.
By: A. | wednesday 08 september 2010 16:37
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