30 Dec 2010 architectural pleasure editing. my favourite thing. ok. i really enjoy film sets. the whole madness of trying to shoot a film with a nice bunch of people.. i enjoy creating chaos on set and having some kind of control within that chaos. i enjoy working with a film crew everyday and having a laugh. even when things seem to be going wrong and out of control i still seem to enjoy it..
but editing is something else. this is of course once you've passed the first rough-cut of the film in which you think that you seriously fucked up because absolutely nothing works and you want to run away from your film and from your life and you start pondering a change of career, being a cook should be fun, or a sailor, or a rentboy -  and those were my thoughts a few days ago, seriously - now, after you've passed that first traumatic moment is when you really start editing. and that is my favourite part of the filmmaking process. the architectural pleasure you get when you start seeing things falling into place and beginning to make sense. characters coming alive. when start to find the mood, the pace and the language for your film. that's the feeling today.. and we still have another ten days of editing   : )

- so many things can go wrong in ten days : /
Premiere..? I didn't know it was finished - I thought it was still awaiting funding? Where can we see the finished film?
By: Mill Services | monday 12 december 2011 03:38
Sweet and funny! I love it!
By: Bea Fresno | monday 31 january 2011 20:57
Hi Alexis,

I wanted to say Me and my girl really enjoyed your movie and I'm glad I could fund this beautiful piece! Hopefully you're start doing more crowdfunded projects. Maybe even online screenings.
I really liked the way you shared your thoughts on this project and I hope you launch your own blog to let us keep following those thoughts in the future. If you need any help with that I'm pleased to help you out.
By: Jorrit | monday 31 january 2011 13:35
Hi Alexis!
Thank you so much for making this funny movie in such an interesting way. We spoke after the premiere last night, right after the group picture was taken :) Maybe you remember me, I was that very tall girl ;)
I hope to see you again in the future, maybe at the next edition of Cinema Reloaded? Good luck with everything & enjoy life :) Keep up the good work!
By: Tine van Langelaar | monday 31 january 2011 12:29
I really loved the film, Alexis! I feel really privileged to be a co-producer.

One question though: I donated 5 coins and wasn't anonymous, but my name (Tessa Verrijp) isn't on the end credits?
By: Tessa Verrijp | sunday 30 january 2011 21:45
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