We made it happen! Tonight Rotterdam’s first two Cinema Reloaded films, directed by Alexis Dos Santos and Ho Yuhang, received their world premieres in front of a festival audience including many of the co-producers who helped finance them. Now, after the premiere at the festival, the films also premiere online on this website, for a 24 hour period exclusively for co-producers.

Are you a co-producer and do you want to watch the online premiere?
Please login first and then follow this link. You will be directed to a special page where 'your' film(s) will automatically appear once the system recognizes you as a co-producer.

After the 24 hour exclusive premiere, the films will be publicly available on YouTube.com/IFFRotterdam (Benelux only!) and on this website. 

Watch No One Is Illegal and Random Strangers online!  (Benelux only)
16 juni 2011
Now online: Random Strangers and No One Is Illegal
Now, after the premiere at the festival, the films also premiere online on this website, for...
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30 januari 2011
The Cinema Reloaded Report
Over the last year, we followed the ups and downs of the projects. The most valuable lessons...
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30 januari 2011
Tonight: exclusive 24 hour online premiere for co-producers
After the festival premiere at IFFR, the films will also premiere online on this website, for...
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29 januari 2011
First phase almost finished
The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) finishes the first phase of its Cinema Reloaded...
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17 januari 2011
It is finally happening! On Sunday January 30th 2011 the two Cinema Reloaded films directed...
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14 januari 2011
End credits
Please note that if you donated more than 5 coins on one particular project after 11 January...
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26 november 2010
Random Strangers: behind the scenes
Alexis Dos Santos started shooting his film Random Strangers and we got an exclusive peek behind...
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19 november 2010
Cool perk and Harmony says goodbye
... with a message to his co-producers.
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10 september 2010
Exciting news: Harmony Korine is in...
...and more!
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08 september 2010
Special message from Pipilotti
Pipilotti Rist has decided to withdraw from Cinema Reloaded.
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03 september 2010
Alexis Dos Santos introduces Lulu
It seems that he will be working with an old acquaintance of his...
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30 juni 2010
Cinema Reloaded... Reloaded
The Cinema Reloaded Team has done some serious brainstorming and has set up a plan for the...
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29 juni 2010
Co-producers wanted for discussion panel
Are you a Dutch co-producer and would you like tell us what you think about Cinema Reloaded?
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10 juni 2010
First draft finished
It looks like Another World will be crossing borders.
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12 april 2010
Cinema Reloaded welcomes its 500th co-producer.
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08 april 2010
Pipilotti has made it to the top 10 of exhibitions in 2009 worldwide!
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07 april 2010
Before Cinema Reloaded...
Find out what our directors have been up to before engaging in Cinema Reloaded!
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17 maart 2010
Making it count
Co-producer and fellow artist Bridget Kelly seized the opportunity to get in touch with Pipilotti...
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25 februari 2010
Building credit
The list of names on the end credits is becoming longer and longer.
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02 februari 2010
Nice to meet you!
A historical event took place at the RE: Reloaded debate at the festival.
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02 februari 2010
At the Industry Party at the IFFR Alexis met his top co-producer and gave her a big thanks.
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30 januari 2010
You The Producer
Cinema Reloaded is IFFR’s new initiative to use the web to raise finance and win audiences...
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30 januari 2010
Coining It In
The money’s beginning to roll into IFFR’s Cinema Reloaded initiative.
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27 januari 2010
And the winners are...
these fourteen co-producers!
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14 januari 2010
Invitation Only
Get an invitation to the Industry Party and meet 'your' filmmaker in person!
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11 januari 2010
RE: Reloaded debate
This is your chance to meet Alexis, Pipilotti and Yuhang and hear them speak about their projects.
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23 december 2009
Alexis leads the race
The first project to surpass the magical 1000 euro border is Alexis Dos Santos Another World....
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05 december 2009
The International Film Festival Rotterdam launches an ambitious experiment in film-making in...
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12 november 2009
Tiger Friends
Wordt Tiger Friend en maak gebruik van de vele voordelen.
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