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During the 40th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Cinema Reloaded crowdfunding experiment finished its first phase with the launch of two crowd-funded short films, No One Is Illegal by Ho Yuhang and Random Strangers by Alexis Dos Santos. These films have been supported by hundreds of individual donations from Cinema Reloaded co-producers.

The IFFR is currently brainstorming about the future of the project. In the mean time, be sure to check out the Cinema Reloaded films No One Is Illegal and Random Strangers on YouTube (Benelux only).

We'll get back to you, stay tuned!
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30 dec 2010 architectural pleasure editing. my favourite thing. ok. i really enjoy film sets. the whole madness of trying to shoot a film with a nice bunch of people.. i enjoy creating chaos on set and having some kind of control within that chaos. i enjoy working with a film crew everyday and having a laugh. even when things... read more »
By: Mill Services
12 december 2011 03:38
Premiere..? I didn't know it was finished - I thought it was still awaiting funding? Where can we see the finished film?
Thank You
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19 jan 2011 No One Is Illegal hi guys!

the 15 sec trailer for the reloaded project.

see you soon!

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By: Tabe Jorritsma
03 februari 2011 07:46
Well done! No one is illegal is a wonderfull project and I congratulate the producer with it. Is there going to be a new 'cinemareloaded'project in 2011? I would participate again!!
Thank You
The International Film Festival Rotterdam  has been championing innovative and exciting filmmakers and taking their work to new audiences. This new experimental project - Cinema Reloaded – is taking that mission to a new level by using the opportunities offered by the digital age. Cinema Reloaded experiments with new forms of financing, production and distribution for the kind of innovative, artistic and independent film with which Rotterdam has always been associated.

The festival has asked Alexis Dos Santos and Ho Yuhang, two filmmakers with whom it has worked before and which represent the kind of filmmaking it has championed, to participate in Cinema Reloaded. Each project is funded by you; the very loyal and dedicated Rotterdam festival audience and cinema lovers everywhere.
view all » 16 jun 2011 Now online: Random Strangers and No One Is Illegal
Now, after the premiere at the festival, the films also premiere online on this website, for a 24 hour period exclusively for co-producers. read more »